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CLAN program

CLAN is a social development consortium project initiated by Helene (Siouil) Trudel, lawyer and accredited mediator, within the framework of the integrated law of the community social pediatrics approach. The project emphasizes the multiplier effect of human rights training in the community, to promote social equity and the development of a social fabric through mutual aid.


All children and young people, regardless of their living environment, are full citizens and agents of change in their neighborhood. The adults around them provide them with a protective circle in a concept of shared responsibility to act on the risk factors related to neglect, abuse, delinquency, exclusion, dropping out of school and other factors.


Make prevail the fundamental right of children and young people to develop fully, with the same chances of educational and social success as children from more advantaged backgrounds, by detecting and addressing the sources of toxic stress that hinder their development.

Empower and equip children and teens living in difficult conditions through knowledge on human rights, peaceful communication and social entrepreneurship

Objective #1
Equipping children and young people from difficult living environments through knowledge of human rights, peaceful communications and social entrepreneurship: Children learn to transform a social problem into an idea, to think, to express themselves and to be heard. They take ownership of their rights through word and deed.
Objective #2
Build a protective circle for these children and young people, by activating the living forces of the community and by focusing on the adults around them, through knowledge of human rights, social action and respite homes
This program is addressed to children between ages 9 and 13, to adolescents and adults who want to make a difference in their lives. Children and adolescents will learn their rights and how to use them proficiently. Adults will learn to create a protective circle around the community and instore a helping system.
Training sessions in human and children'S rights and social actions structured in small groups. These free sessions are offered in different adaptable formats to meet the needs of each group. *Schools (Ethics class) *Adults and parents *Children (extra-curricular) *Workers (community)
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And in Lachine ?

The FER program is offered in two schools in the city of Lachine. Sessions are offered at COVIQ, at the Lachine Social Community Paediatrics Center. We want to reach as many people as possible ... because children's rights are serious matters, and sessions ... are fun and learning opportunity! We are proud to offer the sessions to children, adults, and workers in Lachine. Each their version of the sessions adapted to the needs of the participants! For more information: