Grands Amis program

The Grands Amis program's mission is to create inspiring and a defining mentoring relationship that reveals the full potential of the child and equip them for the future so that they can reach their full potential.

You can become a Grands Amis volunteer and help a child develop his or her to full potential. You can be part of the child’s protective circle and establish an atmosphere favorable to the creation of a bond of trust with the child.

This program allows the child, through activities that you do together, to open up to the world around them, and to create a trusting bond with you, the adult
The Grands Amis volunteer agrees to organize activities and outings with the child with whom he is paired and to stay in contact with him between these activities.
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Requires lasting involvement and a screening process including a preselection interview including one-year minimum engagement and one activity every two weeks.
Must be 20 years old or over
Criminal record checks and the signing of a confidentiality contract.
Participation in training and follow-ups with the CPSC.
Desired qualities
Love of children
Availability, patience
Good listening skills, open-mindedness
Adaptability to changes